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road bicycle 38mm clincher rims

700C road bicycle U shape 25mm wide 38mm deep clincher rim tubeless ready

Item RX38SH, weight 470g, ERD 569mm. Wider, stronger and faster. This road 38mm deep clincher rim is 25mm wide. The wide rim profile offers improved aerodynamics, better handling in crosswinds condition and faster riding.

650b bike rim

Asymmetric rim profile 29 inch mtb rims carbon hookless tubeless ready

Item MX932XC, weight 350g, ERD 595mm. This asymmetric 3mm offset 29er mtb rim balances drive and non-drive side spoke tension to create a more durable and well-balanced light mtb wheel, it's perfect upgrade for your xc mountain bike.

Enduro 27.5 carbon rim

Enduro 27.5er mountain bike hookless 35mm wide carbon rim tubeless ready

Item MX735EN, weight 440g, ERD 560mm. This enduro 27.5er carbon rim is enhanced version base on trail 35mm wide rim, more stiff, durable and long lasting, which is perfect for all mountain and enduro mountain bicycle.

gravel bike carbon rim

High performance 29mm wide 28mm deep 29er carbon rim for gravel bike

Item GCX28, weight 380g, ERD 589mm. This 3mm asymmetric 29er carbon rim is the best choice for lightweight gravel bike wheel. It's tubeless ready, compatible wider tire for comfortable ride, accompany you to conquer the rugged terrain.

700c disc wheel

700c full carbon disc wheel rear wheel 23mm wide clincher tubeless ready

Item DISCX-R, weight: 1350g ~ 1400g ±35. Engineered design for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, this clincher carbon disc wheel rear wheel is the perfect marriage of advanced aero design and lightweight carbon fiber construction.

disc brake tubular rim

Disc brake 38mm deep lightweight carbon road bicycle tubular rim

Item DT38S, weight 330g, ERD 569mm. Wider and U shape 38mm deep aero designed rim profile, constructed with premium Toray T700 & T800 carbon fiber, makes this disc tubular rim super light, a good choice for lightweight road wheels.

asymmetric disc rim

Asymmetric 50mm depth disc carbon rim U shape clincher tubeless ready

Item DX50D, weight 450g, ERD 545mm. Asymmetric rims with offset nipple bed benefit to overall wheel strength by proper balancing of the spoke bracing angles from one flange to the other, build into a lightweight but strong road disc wheel.

road disc rim

Aero road gravel bike carbon rim 28mm wide 38mm deep clincher tubeless

Item DX38L, weight 410g, ERD 569mm. Featuring a wide 28mm external rim width, this tubeless ready 38mm clincher rim set offers a wide and stable platform for everything from road bike to gravel bike tires.

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2019 Eurobike booth A1-212, welcome to visit us!

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60mm depth 23mm wide tubular V shape 700C road bicycle carbon rims

Item RT60W, weight: 450g, ERD 526. 700C 60mm depth 23mm wide tubular V shape carbon rim is lightweight and aerodynamics, build into an aero 700C carbon road bicycle wheels. Available in rim brake and disc brake for training, racing and triathlon.
  • Item No.:

  • Size:

  • Material:

    full carbon Toray T700
  • Type:

  • Brake:

    Rim brake or Disc brake
  • Weight:

  • ERD:

  • Width:

  • Depth:

  • Max spoke tension:

  • Max weight limit:

  • description

Product Item: 60mm depth 23mm wide tubular V shape 700C road bicycle carbon rims

60mm tubular carbon rim profile                                          

700C 60mm depth 23mm wide tubular V shape carbon rim is lightweight and aerodynamics, build into an aerodynamic 700C carbon road bicycle wheels. Available in rim brake and disc brake for training, racing and triathlon..


 road bike, triathlon
 Rim type:
 700C tubular - rim brake or disc brake *
 Toray T700 carbon fiber
 UD, 3k, 6k, 3k twill, marble
 Matte, glossy
 Spoke hole count:
 16 - 36
 Assemble hole diameter:
 Spoke hole diameter:
 4.5mm / 2.5mm or customized
 Valve hole diameter:
 Max spoke tension:
 140kgf (recommended 110~130kgf)
 Max / Min tire pressure:
 N/A / 90psi (6.5 bar)
 Weight limit:
 TG resin temperature:
 EN standard

* Disc brake, we will manufacture this rim without braking surface accordingly.


  • Aerodynamic 23mm wide V shape design, this 60mm depth tubular 700c carbon rim available in V-brake and Disc brake (without brake track).
  • Super lightweight, rim constructed with premium Toray T700 carbon fiber, precise layup, achieve a most lightweight.
  • One piece molding, a rim is made by one piece long carbon fiber, no wrinkles, to make the strength of rim is strongest.
  • High TG 210°C resin temperature brake track, use pregreg carbon fiber, which is carbon with resin together already, high TG resin be used to make rim is good enough at high temperature heating on wheels during braking.
  • Angled spoke holes allows the nipple to pull straight in line with the spoke for reduced stress, this results in fewer broken spokes and nipples.

1.3 Million Liability Insurance Worldwide:

liability insurance for road bike carbon rims

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This warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable.

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2. Any damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, or any other fractious reasons;

3. Improper assembly, maintenance, or maintenance by an unauthorized technician.

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