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700c clincher carbon rims

High TG resin carbon rims 700c clincher 50mm deep tubeless compatible

Item R18-50 (RX50SH), weight 500g, ERD 545mm. U shape 50mm deep rim profile makes this road clincher rim pretty stiff, but still aerodynamic performance. Durable and aerodynamic enough for road racing, training, climbing, and also cyclocross riding.

disc bike rim asymmetrical

700c road disc bike rim asymmetrical 2.5mm offset clincher tubeless ready

Item D18-38X, weight 400g, ERD 569. This disc rim features an asymmetrical rim shape. Asymmetrical rims with offset nipple bed benefit to overall wheel strength by proper balancing of the spoke bracing angles from one flange to the other.

650b bike rim

Asymmetric rim profile 29 inch mtb rims carbon hookless tubeless ready

Item XC927X (MX932XC), weight 330g, ERD 595mm. This asymmetric 3mm offset 29er mtb rim balances drive and non-drive side spoke tension to create a more durable and well-balanced light mtb wheel, it's perfect upgrade for your xc mountain bike.

disc road bike rim

Aero disc road bike rim 28mm wide 50mm deep clincher tubeless

Item D21-50 (DX50L), weight 460g, ERD 545mm. Featuring a wide 28mm external rim width, this tubeless ready 50mm clincher rim set offers a wide and stable platform for everything from road bike to gravel bike tires.

rim for gravel bike

700c 29er disc 22mm wide 35mm deep clincher rim for road and gravel bike

Item D22-35, weight 375g, ERD 575mm. New 22mm internal width 29er/700C 35mm depth clincher rim, born for light gravel & road bike disc brake wheel. It's tubeless ready, compatible wider tire for comfortable ride, accompany you to conquer the rugged terrain.

mtb trail carbon rim

29er asymmetric 32mm internal width 26mm deep mtb trail carbon rim

Item TR932X, weight 460g, ERD 593mm. This 29" trail bike rim tubeless compatible with 32mm internal width & 26mm deep asymmetric 3mm offset rim profile, it will give you a more reliable tubeless fit, increased stiffness and significantly lower weight.

700c bike rim

700c disc bike asymmetrical 22mm internal width 40mm deep clincher rim

Item D22-40X, weight 390g, ERD 565mm. New 2.5mm offset asymmetric 29er/700C 40mm depth clincher rim, born for light gravel & road bike disc brake wheel. It's tubeless ready, compatible wider tire for comfortable ride, accompany you to conquer the rugged terrain.

XC bike carbon rims

29er asymmetrical rim profile 30mm internal width XC bike carbon rim

Item XC930X, weight 365g, ERD 595mm. Wide 30mm internal width and 3mm offset asymmetrical rim profile, super light at 365g, suitable for XC rider who is looking for wide but light 29er XC bike carbon wheelset.

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Holiday Notice for Chinese New Year 2023

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Development & Design


You need a lot of work to make a good rim.

  • Design is everything. You know better at racing and market. So just send us your rim profile design and your own test requirement, and we can make it happen. And most importantly, both of us need to know our competitor very well, so we can do better!

  • We design the mold construction and structure/lay-up for your rim.

  • We always check every tool of the mold before molding to make sure accurary, solidness and enduro.

  • Carbon fiber prepreg, long strips.

carbon fiber long strips
long strips carbon fiber

  • Small pieces designed for nipple hole reinforcement.

small pieces carbon fiber for rim nipple hole enhancement

  • Place carbon fiber on mold directly.

place carbon fiber on rim mold

carbon fiber in the rim mold

  • Now a carbon rim is born!

carbon rim molding

raw finish carbon rim

  • Use hubs and spokes to build the rim into a wheel with super high tension. Test the stength, check hole angles accuracy and have UCI impact testing.

carbon wheels for testing

  • Mount with different tires to check tire fitting and tubeless setting.

different tires for testing the carbon wheel

  • To make sure the correct internal layups, we cut and burn the rim for analyzing.

cut carbon rim to check the inside

cut and burn carbon rim for checking quality

  • We are MORE than the above. Come and check it out!
tools for making carbon rim

  • If you love your work, it is not work!