Carbonal bike rims with different carbon fiber weaves

2019-12-11 12:22:56

We produce carbon rim with the most popular carbon fiber weaves: UD, 3k, 3k twill, 6k and marble, and they can be in matte plain weave and glossy plain weave. So there are 10 different choices for you: UD matte, UD glossy, 3k matte, 3k glossy, 3k twill matte, 3k twill glossy, 6k matte, 6k glossy, marble matte and marble glossy.

Different carbon fiber weaves

Pictures of carbon rim in different carbon fiber weaves & finishes:

UD matt weave carbon rim

▲ UD matte

UD glossy finish carbon rim

▲ UD glossy

3k matt carbon weave rim

▲ 3k matte

3k weave gloss carbon rim

▲ 3k glossy

3k twill gloss & matte finish cabron rims

▲ 3k twill glossy & 3k twill matte

6k matte finish carbon rim

▲ 6k matte

6k gloss finish carbon rim

▲ 6k glossy

marble matte finish carbon rim

▲ Marble matte

custom wheel marble weave gloss

▲ Marble gloss